This is going to start as a low-magic game set in Casmaron, in the city of Larieve. Nobody starts as a primary spellcaster but at certain events in the game, classes may be switched or “retrained”. Characters should have some kind of history or connection to each other but this will be established as the game progresses. The kingdom is a coalition of former nomadic tribes who moved into the ruins of a long-dead empire, the crumbling stone walls forming the backdrop for a bustling marketplace on the coastline. Across the vast desert to the northeast, huge mountains are visible, and along the desolate land, caravans continue to travel. The days are hot and the nights are freezing, and the weather stays much the same throughout the year. The Sultan rules with a gold-encrusted iron fist from his Spiral Tower, a precariously-balanced stone fortress shading the town with merciful cover with its coils. Fresh water is a resource more precious than gold.
The only thing that flows more than money here is stories, which are numerous and of varying quality. The most popular are those of mystical lost cities such as the kingdom of Damascus in the desert, where supposedly water erupted from the ground and formed a natural lake. Though no such city has been discovered, many small oases have been staked out by various factions, and cave complexes under the sand are home to monsters and men alike.

Byzantine Contracts